Christine J. Markow, Ph.D
     Clinical Psychology & Behavioral Medicine for
               Children, Adolescents & Adults
Every moment can be a new beginning

When we are caught up in our emotions, we can often feel like our future is predetermined from our past actions and words.  However, if we are able to take a step back by reaching out to a professional who can help take that step, one can slowly begin to see that every day, every second is a new beginning a new moment to decide to make a change. Our past decisions, may they be positive or negative, can help to shape our future and place it on a path, but we have the ability, the control, at any moment, to change that direction.  May it be a behavior, a relationship, an addiction, or most importantly the relationship with ourself, right now it can all change.  A conscious choice to change. We do not need to wait for new years, a new day or even a new hour. Right now you have the ability, the control, to change the direction of the next second of your life.  

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